Long Needles

Wisdom is born from affliction.
Feel the puncture, because you can.

I think about you everyday, boy
and I smile
and even tho you’re far away
i’d go for miles

I wonder what you’ll do today
still wonder who you are
and even tho I’m far away
I feel you thru the strings of this guitar

you never knew me
the one I wanted you to
I tried to stay
make you want me anyway

everytime I look inside your eyes
I fly away
’cause that’s a place I wanna be
that’s a place I wanna stay

I make you smile more everyday, boy
you know it’s true
deny me now, but stop and think about it
I’m the girl you shouldn’t lose

you don’t know me
like I want you to
tell me to stay
I’ll show you anyway

© 2018 Carnival Personnel